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Being an ancient colony of the British Empire, golf is practiced in Mauritius since 1902 when the first Golf club (The Gymkhana) was open by the Royal Navy members.

The Gymkhana Club being the most ancient golf course of Mauritius it started as a 9-holer, created by the British military, and was increased to 18 in the 1950's. It is surely the most affordable 18-hole course of Mauritius as it welcomes non-members for a nominal green fee and has a temporary membership solution.

The course is a par 68 of 4,870 meters long. Lessons can be booked. Its only drawbacks remain its situation and the weather conditions.
The Gymkhana Club is situated in Vacoas, roughly in the middle of the country where the rainfall is highest; it implies a fairly long drive from any coast.
Golf courses may be hired by prior a


rrangement with the hotel concierge and clubs and caddies are also available for hire.

The 18-hole golf course at Gymkhana Club at Vacoas is open to members, tourists and locals, and visitors may apply for temporary membership.
The dress code requires men in collared shirts with tailored trousers or tailored shorts with long socks and, women in collared shirts with skirt below knee length, or long shorts or tailored trousers.

Note that The Mauritius Gymkhana Club is the 4th oldest club in the world and the 1st in the Indian Ocean and gold was played since 1844.


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